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Looking Forward

We're in the middle of my favorite time of year: a holiday break with my family. We've been doing a whole lot of nothing, and it's been wonderful. I hop off of social media, read books, sleep as much as possible, and plan out the next year. Truth … Read More »

Owner’s Bathroom Reveal

When I was pregnant with our third child, Dave and I were trying to explain to our son that he would soon have a baby sister. We were driving in the car and discussing what made a family. Kel, trying to sort out our conversation in his three-year-old … Read More »

Life Lately

It has been awhile since I've written. 2020 has had so many twists and turns I haven't been able to sit and collect my thoughts for months. I enjoy writing, so it feels good to be using a keyboard again. At the beginning of the year, I chose the … Read More »