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Jackson, Wilson & Star Valley

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Living Room and Kitchen Reveal

When we see all of the makeovers on TV and across the internet, it can sometimes seem like they are effortless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dave and I planned our home at Lost Creek Stables for two years while we remodeled the … Read More »

Powder Bathroom Reveal

Fun things are coming your way in the coming weeks, and I'd like to start off by sharing the littlest room in our house: our powder bathroom. It is the tiny workhorse in our home. The footprint is 4'9"x 4'9", but it handles all our visitors and … Read More »

The Origin of Lost Creek Stables

I believe in the power and mystery of art. It picks you. It takes you on its own journey, if you choose to allow it. It's a surrendering, more than anything. And that's why I couldn't control the subject or the time when I finally figured out … Read More »