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The Origin of Lost Creek Stables

I believe in the power and mystery of art. It picks you. It takes you on its own journey, if you choose to allow it. It's a surrendering, more than anything. And that's why I couldn't control the subject or the time when I finally figured out … Read More »


The last decade will go down as one of the hardest, most refining, and best years of my life. I don't feel like I need to rehash it....the details can be found in my past blog posts. There was a lot to find, unearth, patch up, and expand. I had to … Read More »

Laundry Room Reveal

We've officially been in our home one year, and today, I get to share with you one space that is finally finished. And when I say finished, I mean that it's finished enough to snap some photos...a house is never done, right? Especially when it's a … Read More »