Elementary School Art: Part II

In all of its simplicity, this little drawing was able to catch the joy and expression that comes with kids and a trampoline.  It was chosen as the second piece to go in an elementary school office.  We joke that they are cute little “zombies”.


I started turning it into a bespoke painting this week.  After looking at it a few days, I’m definitely going to turn the “bench” or “step-stool” under the tramp into a more solid mass….I’m thinking a tree stump. It’s balance is a little off.


Here’s some close-ups…..





And here it is with the 1st painting.  I am liking the simple feel they have, although I’ll let the school have final say.  I know I’ll need to refine a few spots when all three are done.


I’m the most excited about creating the third painting.  A little girl is skipping  rope, and she has the most adorable face!  Check back next Thursday to see it!



  1. says

    What a fun project! I’m chuckling at the “zombies” because for some reason my duo is really interested in zombies right now. Why, I have no idea!!! Looking forward to seeing the third painting!

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